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DIY: Button+Charm Display

This one is really simple and quick done but also fun.

For my first bunch of buttons and pins I needed a display fast. It had to be a eye catcher and safe me some room on the table for other stuff. And you only need a

  • picture frame and a
  • piece of felt that fits into the frame

Done. ;D





This years october gives me so much energy and inspiration. 😀

In case you missed my Freebie for Friday the 13th, I dicided to keep it on my website, so when you still looking for something funny to wear on Halloween: Here you go! ;D



DIY: First Textil Stencil :/

And what can I say, I learned my lesson. XD I used liquid paints for this one but I think next time I’ll try spray paints. >___>

I really love stencils and stamps but I genuinely suck in cutting and carving. But I’ll wont stop trying! You need:

  • Paint for textils (for dark textils in my case), I used „JAVANA“
  • A brush or sponge to dap on the paint
  • cardboard or foil (I used semi transparent plastic sheets) to cut you motive in
  • scalpel (its best knive for stencils)
  • your mirrored motive (to transfer on you stencil material or to lay under when you use transparent foil)
  • a cardboard to put it underlay your textil
  • binder clips to fix the texil on the cardboard/foil


DIY: Quick Businesscards

I’m still figuring out how my business cards should look. But in the meanwhile I quickly crafted some at home, just in case. 😉

You need:

  • strong colored crafting paper (or white, whatever you want the cards look like)
  • a printer
  • any program you can use to design and arrange a sample sheet
  • one of your pictures (just lineart in this case) with your contact data
  • an long arm paper trimmer (this is way faster as with scissors)

It’s really that easy. The result is a simple and affordable set of cards.

First Buttons Are Here!

I want starting to sell own merch and here you see the very first buttons. 😀

I’m also planing to make this designs as shirts available, just need to find the right store. I still hesitate to make more merch for my own characters since they still are fairly unknown. Nobody buys merchandise of an charackter you dont know. But hey, you never now for sure. So I’m only starting with a little Zushie merch. 😉

TinTin Key Charm

I looove creative markets. And often I buy stuff which lays around  for months till I know what to do with it.
Once I buyed this DIY key charm and because its full transparent I searched for a double motive. Actually I wanted draw a joke with one of my own characters but in the moment I caught the Tin-Tin-Fever again!!!

This comics are full of two-panel jokes and chose this one:

tintin_schluessel-anhaenger_picsI know! WTF was that?! XD

(Art and Characters by Hergè)