… is a ongoing comic series about my favourite original charackter – you get it – ZUSHIE.
A undead badass mutant chica!
Some call her “crazy” other just “bitch”.
But beware of her creepy high-powered deadly Grrrl Power!


Good Girls drop dead – Bad Girls come back.
This comic was actually my final exam for school.
It became one of my favourite projects.
Come and read the story about a GOOD GIRL, who always does the right thing, who’s always friendly and smiling;
and the story about a BAD, BAD GIRL, who kills classmates, drinks and fights like the undead **** she is.


It’s a very short comic about a girl who want more from her life as just to be the “girl”.
Originally it was a piece for a contest with the theme “in motion”.
But I missed the deadline. -__-
Comics are meant to be seen, so I finished it anyway.

… is a weird comic.
No, really!
A nerdy angel and his develish girlfriend sitting on the coach.
He ask her what could be the meaning of life. But she isn’t really interested.
Together they try to find the answer of the answers.



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