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ZUSHIE: Guest Star in „Die Neue Welt“?

Not quiet. XD

The german comic artist EMBE had an funny idea to celebrate his new book „The New World“: An open call to other artists to throw in their characters into his own universe.

I couldn’t resist and made Zushie a new Crew Member. XD


I even like this one here so much, that I’m thinking about making an alternative version in a ownspace suit. 😉

EMBE had post a picture of the whole collage on toonsUP!

And last but not least a few WIP pics:


ZUSHIE: Love Is In The Air + Stickers

Zushie is allergic to your whispering of sweet nothings so she got some protections. ;D


I really like how the colurs turned out here. Actually this was supposed to become a stencil as well, but after many failed attemps I realised: I’m not skilled enough to cut this. XD

This graphic is now up for sale on both of my shops.


I also made a bunch of stickers. I’ll probably include them to my surprise bags on the next con. 😉

Guest Page in „Die Neue Welt“ (The New World) by EMBE

Comic Artist EMBE had some free pages in his new book and asked if anyone want to fill them with some contributions: Of we want!

Here are the pics of my copy:

INKTOBER 2016 – Part 1

When I first heard of the Inktober I thought that would be just a little thing in a corner of tumblr. Actually there is even a website because the challenge to use the october to make one ink drawing per day has become so popluar that everyone wants to try out sooner or later.

This year I remembered it just in time and wanted to use to practise some new techniques. The first two are pretty bad, haven’t inked in quite a while. Here are the first three drawings of my Inktober: