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WIP: Commissioned Work

Sadly I’m only allowed to post this single pic here. This was so much fun, I wished I would get more clients like that. 😀


WIP: Love Is In The Air

Here are some WIPs of one of my favourite work. The finished piece will coming soon. ^^

I wanted to make an lino cut of it, but as you can see… my stencil skills are non existent. -_____-


Its too hot!

12h Comic Day: Results?

Weeeeeell, not much.
This time I had more issues to come up with a idea, so I scribbled like 3 diffrent ideas out.
In the end the storyboard was nearly done, but the penultimate scene was shit.
I started to draw the first page and than gave up because the time against me. 😛
I just cant draw a comic when I dont „feel it“, you know what I mean?
Maybe next time.


WIP of an Friend

Every artist has this one friend who always wants to get free art from you. 😛

The Making of FETTE SAU

I really just wanted to draw a little pig. O___O

So have fun with some stuff of behind the scenes. ^^

Flatering almost done 🐷 #wip #comicart #instaart #sunnyray #instaartist #piggy

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Poor piggy 💀🐽💀 #bbq #comicpage #instaart #wip #Bacon #graphic #sunnyray #hyperlapse

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