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Made for an Pitch. Didn’t get the job but it’s still a nice drawing. 😉

nice guy sketch


Concept: Magd Nikola

So, I know we already have February but I thought: Why not?

This is or was my entry for the ToonsUP Christmas Battle. For this event everyone create a own season related character. Round for Round they’ll fight each other and so on. The last battle was so much and I wanted contribute the Xmas battle, too. But I was too busy with gifting and other stuff so here we are. 😉

My character is a female kick-ass version of Knecht Ruprecht whose shape is varying from region to region – so she’s more a mix. ^^

SKETCH 12 – 08/2013 „Diana – The Acrobat“

I’m member of a group on deviantART, which goal is it to push everyone to draw more. Everyday we have a new theme. This Sketches are from the challenge „Diana – The Acrobat„.


„In the 80’s animated series DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, Diana was an adventurous teenager on a theme-park ride with her friends when the group is teleported away from her own reality. Gifted with a magic javelin upon her arival in the Dungeons & Dragons realm, Diana’s agility is beyond Olympic level atheletics. The javelin itself is a diverse weapon as it can act as a pole vault, a boomerang, a bo-staff, a balancing stick, etc.“