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TORCH: Storyboard

Pics of the rough storyboard. 😉



A sketch of Tugba

Here a more realistic drawing of Tugba, one of the important characters of TORCH.

TORCH: The Cast Says Hi – Part1 „JaM“

I’m impatient! I want start to draw! So here a first comic strip. A behind-the-scenes comic strip.
First part shows the protagonist of course. 😀

JaM isn’t the name of the protagonist and she isn’t a character of Torch only. It’s the name of one of my own favourite characters who’s included in some of my other projects like an actress. 😉

It’s just quick scribbled to test some ideas I had for the artwork of the final comic.


TORCH – Sketch 1

Today I want show some new scribbles for a old preject. This girl is one of my favourite characters. She got born out of  pure frustration because of the lack of chubby or „big“ characters with a more important mission than to be „the big one“.
But that’s another story. ^^

This quick scribbles are for a graphic novel I’m working on. The script is almost done and the storyboard in progress. 😉

I will post more stuff about her and the gn project in a hope it would me more motivate.