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4th Comic and Manga Con Hamburg – Nov 2017

(Totally forget about this post, oh damn!) XD

Last CMC was hella fun. Though not every event is an actual success I feel like the joy grows with every next time. ^^

Not only do I learned some new tricks and get more motivation to continue my work (and being on events), my health seems to also benefit from it. 😀

This time the hall was packed, but I sat on a more central place which was nice (and I think this was the whole reason that I made some extra bucks). Pretty fast I ran out of my copies of the icom book for the „Free Comic Book Day“. Thats a whole different story, but you already can read it online, just visit my page and look for the cover pic on the right site. 😉

Artist Till Felix visited me at my little booth. Our first time meeting in person. ;D

I cant wait for the next con to rock! And maybe I’ll try to go bigger next time…



See ya this Saturday…

December the 2th, at the Comicbörse in Hamburg. 😉

(for everyone whos missed the good news on instagram)


This years october gives me so much energy and inspiration. 😀

In case you missed my Freebie for Friday the 13th, I dicided to keep it on my website, so when you still looking for something funny to wear on Halloween: Here you go! ;D



German Comic Con Berlin 2017

I’m a little bit late but I wanted to share some pics from the German Comic Con in Berlin I visited weeks ago. I also included photos from my very new promotional shirt with Zushie on it. ^^

Its Friday the 13th!

Today is your lucky day because Friday the 13th and Halloween fall in the same month – that must be celebrated!

This night, at 22 pm european time, I’ll drop something special on my website

Totally fun and totally free. 😉

ZUSHIE: The Doll

My dear friend Sam was working on a special project the past 2 months, now its ready to be shipped the whole long way from australia to europe, where it will find a new home by me. ^^


I’m not only a fan of the diy culture but also of the idea to craft your own merchandise of your own characters instead of always only purchase the stuff from others. During the last years I failed several times by trying to sculpting a action figure or ball joint doll of my favourite project, my character ZUSHIE.

I already loved the incredible stop motion puppets of my friend Sam, but when I saw her lovely monster bjd I instantly commished her to make me my own ZUSHIE doll. Luckly for me she loves my character and was happy to start right away. While I was waiting she shared some WIPs on her instagram account, which Im allowed to share here on my blog. ^^




Updates will come

Guys, after a long break, I’ll come back with many new stuff.

I’m thinking about changing the theme of this blog. I like how it looks but maybe it’s better to switch to something with a better text view. This theme makes it a little bit hard to read. 😉

For more action you can follow me on instagram, there’s the most action lately. ^^