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DIY: Button+Charm Display

This one is really simple and quick done but also fun.

For my first bunch of buttons and pins I needed a display fast. It had to be a eye catcher and safe me some room on the table for other stuff. And you only need a

  • picture frame and a
  • piece of felt that fits into the frame

Done. ;D




DIY: First Textil Stencil :/

And what can I say, I learned my lesson. XD I used liquid paints for this one but I think next time I’ll try spray paints. >___>

I really love stencils and stamps but I genuinely suck in cutting and carving. But I’ll wont stop trying! You need:

  • Paint for textils (for dark textils in my case), I used „JAVANA“
  • A brush or sponge to dap on the paint
  • cardboard or foil (I used semi transparent plastic sheets) to cut you motive in
  • scalpel (its best knive for stencils)
  • your mirrored motive (to transfer on you stencil material or to lay under when you use transparent foil)
  • a cardboard to put it underlay your textil
  • binder clips to fix the texil on the cardboard/foil


DIY: Quick Businesscards

I’m still figuring out how my business cards should look. But in the meanwhile I quickly crafted some at home, just in case. 😉

You need:

  • strong colored crafting paper (or white, whatever you want the cards look like)
  • a printer
  • any program you can use to design and arrange a sample sheet
  • one of your pictures (just lineart in this case) with your contact data
  • an long arm paper trimmer (this is way faster as with scissors)

It’s really that easy. The result is a simple and affordable set of cards.

TinTin Key Charm

I looove creative markets. And often I buy stuff which lays around  for months till I know what to do with it.
Once I buyed this DIY key charm and because its full transparent I searched for a double motive. Actually I wanted draw a joke with one of my own characters but in the moment I caught the Tin-Tin-Fever again!!!

This comics are full of two-panel jokes and chose this one:

tintin_schluessel-anhaenger_picsI know! WTF was that?! XD

(Art and Characters by Hergè)

Selfmade Buttons

Sooo, my sisters and me are totally crazy for buttons!!! And we searching for a while to make some with our own motives.
And then we found this nice toy for kids. Yes, it’s mainly a toy BUT it’s so well made that it’s perfect for elders, too. XD

They look like from a shop and it so insane easy! I just can recommend for every button-fan. AGE DOESN’T MATTER!

I show you the first 4 pieces I made: