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Bottled Smoke Drawings by Jim Dingilian


Portfolio help?

I need your help. I’m working on a portfolio which I can put online.
But… what works should I choose for that????
My faves and goals are illustration and comic so obviously I’ll show some of those things. But which are presentable?

Has anybody a advice? I never did a real portfolio before. O___O

Blogparade: Eyes – „I found a Nickel!“

I took the chance to join the blogparade of sketchfetch. The theme this time was „eyes“ and I had to struggle what I could draw for this.

I have an plush Mike Wazowski, sitting next to my laptop, so I thought „Yesh, of course!“.

It’s mainly done with Aquarell and Polychromos, but then I accidentally took an tube oil paint for the eye and… well, I remember why I never use them. They need unbelievable long to dry!

© Mike Wazowski of „Monster University“ by Disney/Pixar