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DIY: Button+Charm Display

This one is really simple and quick done but also fun.

For my first bunch of buttons and pins I needed a display fast. It had to be a eye catcher and safe me some room on the table for other stuff. And you only need a

  • picture frame and a
  • piece of felt that fits into the frame

Done. ;D




4th Comic and Manga Con Hamburg – Nov 2017

(Totally forget about this post, oh damn!) XD

Last CMC was hella fun. Though not every event is an actual success I feel like the joy grows with every next time. ^^

Not only do I learned some new tricks and get more motivation to continue my work (and being on events), my health seems to also benefit from it. 😀

This time the hall was packed, but I sat on a more central place which was nice (and I think this was the whole reason that I made some extra bucks). Pretty fast I ran out of my copies of the icom book for the „Free Comic Book Day“. Thats a whole different story, but you already can read it online, just visit my page and look for the cover pic on the right site. 😉

Artist Till Felix visited me at my little booth. Our first time meeting in person. ;D

I cant wait for the next con to rock! And maybe I’ll try to go bigger next time…


See ya this Saturday…

December the 2th, at the Comicbörse in Hamburg. 😉

(for everyone whos missed the good news on instagram)


This years october gives me so much energy and inspiration. 😀

In case you missed my Freebie for Friday the 13th, I dicided to keep it on my website, so when you still looking for something funny to wear on Halloween: Here you go! ;D



German Comic Con Berlin 2017

I’m a little bit late but I wanted to share some pics from the German Comic Con in Berlin I visited weeks ago. I also included photos from my very new promotional shirt with Zushie on it. ^^

Its Friday the 13th!

Today is your lucky day because Friday the 13th and Halloween fall in the same month – that must be celebrated!

This night, at 22 pm european time, I’ll drop something special on my website

Totally fun and totally free. 😉

ZUSHIE: Guest Star in „Die Neue Welt“?

Not quiet. XD

The german comic artist EMBE had an funny idea to celebrate his new book „The New World“: An open call to other artists to throw in their characters into his own universe.

I couldn’t resist and made Zushie a new Crew Member. XD


I even like this one here so much, that I’m thinking about making an alternative version in a ownspace suit. 😉

EMBE had post a picture of the whole collage on toonsUP!

And last but not least a few WIP pics: