DIY: First Textil Stencil :/

And what can I say, I learned my lesson. XD I used liquid paints for this one but I think next time I’ll try spray paints. >___>

I really love stencils and stamps but I genuinely suck in cutting and carving. But I’ll wont stop trying! You need:

  • Paint for textils (for dark textils in my case), I used „JAVANA“
  • A brush or sponge to dap on the paint
  • cardboard or foil (I used semi transparent plastic sheets) to cut you motive in
  • scalpel (its best knive for stencils)
  • your mirrored motive (to transfer on you stencil material or to lay under when you use transparent foil)
  • a cardboard to put it underlay your textil
  • binder clips to fix the texil on the cardboard/foil



Guest Page in „Die Neue Welt“ (The New World) by EMBE

Comic Artist EMBE had some free pages in his new book and asked if anyone want to fill them with some contributions: Of we want!

Here are the pics of my copy:

WIP: Commissioned Work

Sadly I’m only allowed to post this single pic here. This was so much fun, I wished I would get more clients like that. 😀

WIP: Love Is In The Air

Here are some WIPs of one of my favourite work. The finished piece will coming soon. ^^

I wanted to make an lino cut of it, but as you can see… my stencil skills are non existent. -_____-