The Cryptkeeper

Found this leftover of my inktober I failedto do last year. XD

I still love this old movies of „Tales Of The Crypt“ and also watched the cartoon series back then. (which was not so good).



Its too hot!

ZUSHIE: The Doll

My dear friend Sam was working on a special project the past 2 months, now its ready to be shipped the whole long way from australia to europe, where it will find a new home by me. ^^


I’m not only a fan of the diy culture but also of the idea to craft your own merchandise of your own characters instead of always only purchase the stuff from others. During the last years I failed several times by trying to sculpting a action figure or ball joint doll of my favourite project, my character ZUSHIE.

I already loved the incredible stop motion puppets of my friend Sam, but when I saw her lovely monster bjd I instantly commished her to make me my own ZUSHIE doll. Luckly for me she loves my character and was happy to start right away. While I was waiting she shared some WIPs on her instagram account, which Im allowed to share here on my blog. ^^