Autumn Is Convention Season

All comic relating events in my area comes every years fall. This time I’ll even make a trip to Berlin to visit a real big comic con for the very first time (just as visitor). Actually its a lil bit too expensive, but the closest to a vacation I ever do. Thats my idea of freetime fun. ^^

Beside this I’ll practise at two smaller cons in my own City with my sibling. With an own table. 😉

You can meet me at:

Comic Börse Hamburg
11:00 – 15:00 h
Hamburg Haus Eimsbüttel – Doormansweg 12
20259 Hamburg, Germany
Entry Free


2. Comic- und Mangaconvention Hamburg
10:00 – 17:00 h
Schlüterstraße 7
20146 Hamburg, Germany
Entry 5 €


DIY: Quick Businesscards

I’m still figuring out how my business cards should look. But in the meanwhile I quickly crafted some at home, just in case. 😉

You need:

  • strong colored crafting paper (or white, whatever you want the cards look like)
  • a printer
  • any program you can use to design and arrange a sample sheet
  • one of your pictures (just lineart in this case) with your contact data
  • an long arm paper trimmer (this is way faster as with scissors)

It’s really that easy. The result is a simple and affordable set of cards.

First Buttons Are Here!

I want starting to sell own merch and here you see the very first buttons. 😀

I’m also planing to make this designs as shirts available, just need to find the right store. I still hesitate to make more merch for my own characters since they still are fairly unknown. Nobody buys merchandise of an charackter you dont know. But hey, you never now for sure. So I’m only starting with a little Zushie merch. 😉


Every year our district has an street summer festival and I made it to a tradition to visit it with my siblings. This year two of us joined with an own little flea market and made a few nice extra bucks. ^^

The weather was terrible but it was a good chance to practise selling stuff and interacting with strangers. Kicking the good ol‘ social anxiety, you know? Hopefully this will help for the upcoming conventions.