ZUSHIE: The Session + Details

Late but why not? Here are some WIPs of Zushies „Session“ with Picasso. 😉

„When Zushie met Pablo Picasso – Abstract Art was born“

Actually this was supposed to become a short comic about how she met Picasso and how she influenced him to the late cubism. Made for the „Heroes of Art“ anthology of Toons-Up.


COMIC: Fette Sau (Fat Sow)

And finally the english version of my short comic „Fette Sau“. Enjoy.

(I really suck in english translation lol)


ZUSHIE: Summer Is Here

Is your beach body ready yet? 😉

It started with an illustration and escalated quickly to an mini comic. I honestly didn’t knew where this would be end when I started drawing. XD

Also I want to point out that this amputee joke isn’t meant at all to make fun about the situation of people with amputations. This is just a little creepy gag about with an undead comic character. 😉

12h Comic Day: Results?

Weeeeeell, not much.
This time I had more issues to come up with a idea, so I scribbled like 3 diffrent ideas out.
In the end the storyboard was nearly done, but the penultimate scene was shit.
I started to draw the first page and than gave up because the time against me. 😛
I just cant draw a comic when I dont „feel it“, you know what I mean?
Maybe next time.