12h Comic Day Experiment

I’m in the middle of my-comics‚ 12h comic day.
It take me more time than usual to get an idea, and so far I yelled „I cant do this, I give up!“ three times. XD
There’s just one scene left and I finally can start drawing the whole thing.
When I only get the scribblings done I’m really happy.

Wish me luck!


Time To Get Body Positive!

Here’s a little – not so new – thing I did. I actually wanted to craft a self illustrated paddle fan for myself… but kinda lost track and then motivation.:/

„It’s summer my friends! Time to get over society’s „beauty“ dictates and to embrace yourself! And dont play the hero, when the heat becomes steaming I don’t care how you look, I dont care about your „problem zones“ or „flaws“. Be safe and take care of yourself! Love yourself! Summer is too short for hiding in the dark because you dont look like somebody somewhere for whatever reasons said you have to look!“

(The background is a stock photo by SimplyBackgrounds)

WIP of an Friend

Every artist has this one friend who always wants to get free art from you. 😛