toonsUP: The Session

… or „How Zushie inverted Abstract Art?“.

This year Toons-Up made a new comic book with the theme „Heroes of Art“. I couldn’t resist and wanted to contribute something about Zushie. I scribbled 2-3 different short comics but I was losing time. So I made an illustration instead. It turned out pretty good and when I have more time I probably will draw the comics anyway. 😀

The Book is now in the shop of the Toons-Up website.



Mailday: JAZAM! 11 + GAMER

Totally forgot to tell you about my special mailday last week. ;D

Till Felix was so kind to sent me the newest issue of JAZAM! Vol 11. I colorated one of his episodes of „Insekten Welt“ for this anthology. The pics below shows the signatures of some artists who you could meet at this year’s Comic Salon Erlangen.

Some day I will join the world of comic cons, too. :/

The other book is my own exemplar of „GAMER“. An anthology of short stories around the gamer world. Each story was illustrated by another artist and I was one of them. 😉

The Making of FETTE SAU

I really just wanted to draw a little pig. O___O

So have fun with some stuff of behind the scenes. ^^

Flatering almost done 🐷 #wip #comicart #instaart #sunnyray #instaartist #piggy

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Poor piggy 💀🐽💀 #bbq #comicpage #instaart #wip #Bacon #graphic #sunnyray #hyperlapse

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Fette Sau (Fat Sow) in „Whoa! Comics“ #5

Soooo, some while ago I made a short comic for the anthologie „Whoa! Comics“ of the german indie publisher PLEM PLEM PRODUCTIONS. This Issue is also including a comic by my sister and fellow artist Polly Paranoid. 😉

Be warned! This comic is loud colored and pretty gaga written. XD