New Tee-Design: Peanut

A new shirt design is up for scoring!


TinTin Key Charm

I looove creative markets. And often I buy stuff which lays around  for months till I know what to do with it.
Once I buyed this DIY key charm and because its full transparent I searched for a double motive. Actually I wanted draw a joke with one of my own characters but in the moment I caught the Tin-Tin-Fever again!!!

This comics are full of two-panel jokes and chose this one:

tintin_schluessel-anhaenger_picsI know! WTF was that?! XD

(Art and Characters by Hergè)

WOW, it has been a while, hasn’t it?! + TO DO

BACK. I’m back.

Geez, my apologies. But I wasn’t lazy all this time. I tried to spend more time on writing stuff. I have a light-novel in making and the script of Torch reaches it very end.

In the meanwhile I was thinking about my current money and social life situation. And I was daydreaming about a online shop…  So I plan to go to our local tax office asap. I have many ideas but I hate to jump into the ice water without any word of warning.


It’s time to continue with the updates!
Watch out for the next!


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– ZUSHIE:  Halloween Comic

Last Weeks Resume:

– Illustration: “Don’t cut off the music”