Two weeks! Did you miss me? ;P

I got bitten by my every-year-again summer-illness. It’s not summer til I got sick.

So now let’s start fresh and new in this week!

I miss it to draw comics so I was scribbling on some short storyboards. 😉

TORCH has to wait. The script was nearly done when I got an idea for an important twist I have to work on now. ;__;

This Week:

– Illustration: Zushie with Tan

– Illustration: Acid Zushie

– ZUSHIE: 2 x Storyboards

– Illustration: “Don’t cut off the music”

– animePRO: CD and DVD Review

– Movie-Poster: Coloration

Last Weeks Resume:

– Illustration: “Tugba”

– Illustratin: „A sketch of  Tugba“


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