Guys, I hope you had an fantastic time the last two weeks, my was terrible. So I took a week off and that’s why I skipped the last TO DO.

The wheather here gave me a sick headache day after day. On top of that I had this rare but awful moment when I suddenly realized how old I already am. I have to admit that I most of the time don’t know my actual age. No kidding!
If you pass by and ask me I have to think about it for a moment. Because I couldn’t care less about things like age, weight and so on.
But sometimes, in this rare moments, I know it and feel bad for let time passing by without reaching at least one of my life goals. I feel old in this moments.


The script of TORCH made finally bigger progress. I’m in the second correction phase now. ^^

This Week:

– Project Torch: 2nd Script Corrections

– Hell-Comic: Punishment Scenes + Plot Holes

(- Project Badass: Classroom Scenes)

Last Weeks Resume:

– Project Torch: First Script Corrections

– Movie-Poster: Finishing Lineart

– Project Torch: Preparing script for the first correction phase – done

– 6/9 Free Reqestes are done

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