Boy, oh Boy, with my younger sisters I was on a very small comic con last weekend.
And, geez, I left a lot of money there! But I will tell about it later. 😉

I spent the whole last week with my younger sister in the living room: writing. Just for sleeping I was crawling back to my room.
I become more and more impatient! In my mind I spent more than a year with my comic project „TORCH“ and want finally start to draw it!!!

This Week:

– Project Torch: Preparing script for the first correction phase

– Movie-Poster: Finishing Lineart

– Hell-Comic: Punishment Scenes + Plot Holes

(- Project Badass: Classroom Scenes)

Last Weeks Resume:

– Project Torch: Script Corrections – Plot Holes are almost fixed 😉

– 6/9 Free Reqestes are done


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