Boy, oh Boy, with my younger sisters I was on a very small comic con last weekend.
And, geez, I left a lot of money there! But I will tell about it later. 😉

I spent the whole last week with my younger sister in the living room: writing. Just for sleeping I was crawling back to my room.
I become more and more impatient! In my mind I spent more than a year with my comic project „TORCH“ and want finally start to draw it!!!

This Week:

– Project Torch: Preparing script for the first correction phase

– Movie-Poster: Finishing Lineart

– Hell-Comic: Punishment Scenes + Plot Holes

(- Project Badass: Classroom Scenes)

Last Weeks Resume:

– Project Torch: Script Corrections – Plot Holes are almost fixed 😉

– 6/9 Free Reqestes are done


Free Comic Book Day 2014

No! Don’t scroll over that! You don’t understand!!!

Everyone who still laughs about adults reading comics or still thinks comics are just infantile and so on… They still haven’t the slightest idea what comics really are nor what giant potencial they have!

I could make a post about all the comics which are nothing less than pure ART! But that took too long and this term is frustrating me too much.

So instead I’ll tell you about the Free Comic Book Day and why you should google now where you can find your local comic shop!

So save you some free time for  May the 3rd in the USA and the 10th in Germany!

The Free Comic Book Day is the day you can choose some COMICS FOR TOTALLY FREE of 30 different artists.

This day is an initiative to spread the awesomeness of this artistical medium. And yes, to make to one of us. 😉

So if you want give them a try maybe the 3rd May is your day!

This event isn’t for americans only! Many other countries joined this project. For example Germany.

On top of that many comic shops celebrate their own event: Like BBQs or contests to win……? Exactly! More Comics! XD

SIGNAL BOOST: Join the Grumpy Cat Collab and help to raise money for an animal shelter!

I found this Charity Collaboration of an artist on deviantart.

The person found a personal way to combine a creative community with a good deed: An Art Collab!

For the 4th time the artist announce such a collab and everyone (not only people of deviantART) are most welcome to join.

The theme is the fabulous Grumpy Cat!

All details here!

TO DO and Happy Easter

I heard the next ToonsUp Book is almost done and will sold at the comic con „Comic Salon Erlangen„.
With a little bit luck a cartoon I drew for their theme „Dauerwerbesendung“ will be in this book, too. ;D

Wow, now that I think about it… I drew it lots of months before but still haven’t upload it somewhere. :I

The script of TORCH is nearly done. I made some great progress during the weekend! 😀

This Week:

– Movie-Poster: Finishing Lineart

– Project Torch: Script Corrections

– Hell-Comic: Punishment Scenes

(- Project Badass: Classroom Scenes)

Last Weeks Resume:

– Project Torch: Script – Almost done 🙂

– 6/9 Free Reqestes are done


And here the final result. An watercolor illustration of my Character Chaim. ^^

The overlayed lineart is digital. A left over of my first try. I inked the lines with a brush but didn’t like it. Too bold. Than I tried to colorate the whole thing digital. But didn’t like it either. :I

I also used masking fluid for the very first time. And like I thought: it’s better to use it BEFORE you paint the area.

If you look closer you can see the bleached out parts of Chaim. It’s pretty obvious at his pullover.