TO DO or Screw this Procrastination!

Whaaaat?! Another week?! Already?!

Jep, the time runs through my hands like fine sand. I feel old, really old. And lazy. Really fucking lazy.

Ahh, at least I re-started the research for the last scenes of badass. >____>

I received links to really good article about procrastination. Well and funny written! 😀 Part 1 and Part 2

And oh, look, there’s another one, which maybe open your eyes. Maybe. 😄

Next time you start to procrastinate DON’T CLICK ON BADGES, LINKS, CLIPS OR WHAT THE HELL EVER and take a look on this article again. Maybe you’ll reminding just by looking on the images why you look at them instead of starting with work. ;D

Next Week:

–  2 x JAZAM# 9  – “Heroes”-Comic – till 30. March (Just two panels!!!)

– Threadless Challenge: “’90s Nickelodeon”, “monochromatic” or “long-sleeve baseball tee raglan”

– Script for Costa Brava International Comic Award 2014

– Editorial Illus

– Script/Storyboard: Torch + Badass

– Finish Color Jobs

Last Weeks:

– 5/9 Free Reqestes are done


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