WIP: Jazam-Comic / Part 2

Have some new pics of the comic for JAZAM. All pages are inked, just minor things to do. And after that: The Lettering.
Can’t wait to see the final result. I hope the J-Team will like it. ^^



TO DO or Screw this Procrastination!

Whaaaat?! Another week?! Already?!

Jep, the time runs through my hands like fine sand. I feel old, really old. And lazy. Really fucking lazy.

Ahh, at least I re-started the research for the last scenes of badass. >____>

I received links to really good article about procrastination. Well and funny written! 😀 Part 1 and Part 2

And oh, look, there’s another one, which maybe open your eyes. Maybe. XD

Next time you start to procrastinate DON’T CLICK ON BADGES, LINKS, CLIPS OR WHAT THE HELL EVER and take a look on this article again. Maybe you’ll reminding just by looking on the images why you look at them instead of starting with work. ;D

Next Week:

–  2 x JAZAM# 9  – “Heroes”-Comic – till 30. March (Just two panels!!!)

– Threadless Challenge: “’90s Nickelodeon”, “monochromatic” or “long-sleeve baseball tee raglan”

– Script for Costa Brava International Comic Award 2014

– Editorial Illus

– Script/Storyboard: Torch + Badass

– Finish Color Jobs

Last Weeks:

– 5/9 Free Reqestes are done

BADASS – Some Old Preview Banner

I found this banners from the last year. :3

I made them as a little advertise: Everytime when I uploaded a new Page of my webcomic Badass I posted a banner featuring one of the panels of the current page.

The comic itself was my final exam. Only the first 20 pages was necessary and so much stuff happend back then so …. I never finished it.

BUT it’s kinda on my TO DO list. 😉


TORCH – Sketch 1

Today I want show some new scribbles for a old preject. This girl is one of my favourite characters. She got born out of  pure frustration because of the lack of chubby or „big“ characters with a more important mission than to be „the big one“.
But that’s another story. ^^

This quick scribbles are for a graphic novel I’m working on. The script is almost done and the storyboard in progress. 😉

I will post more stuff about her and the gn project in a hope it would me more motivate.


New and Fresh TO DO

Today started my little vacation from work and TA DAAAA: I got finally some shit done. :I

I want use this week to finish some scripts wich are lying around here for too long! And to motivate me a little bit more I thought I could start to post some of the first sketches n stuff I made at the beginning. Everyone knows, if you work on a private project (without any kind of feedback and whatever) you start to lose interest. There is just too many new ideas and too many life going on, so make a pause from this project. And then – after a long while – IT’S BACK and you think „Why is this shit still not done?!“. >:I

This Week:

–  2 x JAZAM# 9  – “Heroes”-Comic – till 30. March

– Threadless Challenge: „’90s Nickelodeon“, „monochromatic“ or „long-sleeve baseball tee raglan“ – Sketch till 16th

– Script for Costa Brava International Comic Award 2014

– Editorial Illus

– Script: Torch + Badass

– Finish Color Jobs

Last Weeks:

– 5/9 Free Reqestes are done

Comic-Page Competition: “Shinku” – canceled ;___;