To Do

So, let me see….

Last week I was on a guest Lecture of my old design school with my sister and my draw-buddy. There was a nice lady from a local company and told us some things about the concept art and what they’re looking for in case you want a job there. And heck, I want a job there! I will knocking on their door as soon as the clinic stuff is over! Maybe I have luck?

All the other things was lying around the last weeks. I really have to work on my time management and work schedule.  > ____ >

I have to think about my future for a while now. I would love to freelance, but… that’s… utopic. So I made a list of things I already can do and things I should improve. That means practise, practise, practise!

Oh, and I try to finish something for the next Jazam Anthology. My sister wrote a nice 4-Page-Comic which I’ll draw. I try to make something an my own, too, but I’m not sure if I can make two in time. :/

This Week:

–  2 x JAZAM# 9  – “Heroes”-Comic – till 30. March

– Script for Costa Brava International Comic Award 2014

– Coloring Last Comic

Last Weeks:

– 3/9 Free Reqestes are done


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