So, that was 2013

I’m probably the last one who write something like a little resume, hm. I was thinking about it the last days and yeah, as far as I can remember 2013 was the first year where I got some shit done!

Not really much, but hey, so instead of writing a entire novel I just made a little checklist:

– I made my degree in Graphic Design (And that after a massive bad start, phew)
– For this I started the webcomic BADASS  (Will continue as soon as possible)
– Challenged myself by joining Schloggers monthly Comic-Collab
– I colorated a 4-Page-Comic for the Rebirth of U-Comix
– Drew a Guest-Page (one of the bonus story) for the second issue of Planet-Z
– Lost my best friend because of he couldn’t deal with the depression-thing
– Found a Draw-Buddy and very good friend
– Started as an voluntary graphic designer for the online-magazine
– Drew something like a cartoon for the next Toons-Up-Book (but have still to wait if I’ll make into the printed version)
– Contributed to a the fan-project „Uzumaximum“ (now I have just to wait if it’s fet printed, lol)
– Made it into the Top 5 of the WarMon-Tournament – Whoot!
– Became a more active member of deviantART: Founder of one group, admin of two another and more)
– Found the balls to tell my father about my diagnose, so next step: The Clinic
– I finally can writing again! Fucking YAY!

So, that’s it. Actually there are some more things I could tell, but then it would be kinda boring to read I guess. :/
Let’s see how this year will be. ^^


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