WIP: Censorship is bad, but…

… it can be really funny, too. Well, sometimes at least.

Lately I draw more and more naked ladies, but I read somewhere wordpress is not the kind of blog host which is allowing nsfw content.

So I will not post said pics without some censorship. This whole topic is like a red button for me sometimes, but I got an idea how to make it a little bit more fun for me: I join the holy tradition many did before me. Yes. My face. On the ladies.

Okay, now it really does feel awkward. Let me suprise you, the next lady comes soon. ;D



3 Kommentare zu „WIP: Censorship is bad, but…“

  1. Oh, I didn’t know that WordPress wouldn’t allow NSFW Content.
    Maybe if you should start hosting your blog by yourself. Or what about Tumblr?

    1. Yeah, I think I read it somewhere (no porn or violence, I guess).
      Oh, I once had a second account as a scrapbook where I posted my own stuff, too. But they deleted it without any warning, because stuff I reblogged (I guess). I lost all my posts and my connections there. (( 0___0 ))
      But maybe I give it a second chance (and be more careful this time).

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