So far, So good

Not bad so far. I didn’t made everything of the last list, but more than without it. So the list for this week will be a little bit longer. ^^

This Week:

– WarMon-Entry till 9. Nov

– Visiting the IO-Meeting again with a friend, yes!

– Drawing more hands and feet. I really need the practise.    -____-

– Entry for the Schlogger-Comic-Collab: „Sleep“ till 14. Nov – That will be fun.

– New Bookmark

Last Week Resume:

– Printing a map for the next IO-Meeting

– Entry for the Uzumaki-Fan-Anthologie till Halloween – DONE

– Finishing the Zushie Halloween Comic till, well, Halloween

– New Tee-Concept for the “Captain America Challenge” till 11. Nov

– 1x re-made Page for BADASS till the weekend

– Finishing the script for Torch (kick out the unimportant scenes)

– Entry for the “Halloween Monster Girls Mini Contest” till 31. Oct  – Done and WON, yay! ^^

– Entry-Scribble for the “Pin-Up Spirit Dance


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