ZUSHIE – Spirit Dance

Ahh, finally done! My favourite project the last days. 😀

A group on deviantART holds a member event in which everybody draw a female monster. Every entry will be add to a single background –
the place of the Spirit Dance. I love this kind of projects but sadly they are so rare. I once participated such a thing on tumblr, too. ^^



Holiday Gift Wrap DIY Roundup

That’s a row of brilliant ideas! But the „color me“-package is just genius! :O
I need to try this someday.

M&J Blog

If your gift wrapping strategy needs a little revamping, check out these great gift wrap DIYs for some inspiration!

Instagram Gift Wrap from Lemon Jitters

So you have like a thousand Instagram pictures, but what good are they if they’re only on your tiny cell phone screen? Lemon Jitters has a great way to put those pics to good use! Print them out and cut them into tags to add a little bit of personality to your holiday wrapping. You could even personalize them further by using photos of the recipient as the tag!

Glitter Wrapping from Best Day Ever

We said it before, we’ll say it again: we love sparkles! This glitter gift wrap DIY from Best Day Ever is perfect for those who share our sentiments!

Cozy Gift Wrap Boxwood Clippings

Keep your presents nice and cozy this holiday season. The adorable DIY from Boxwood Clippings shows you how to re-purpose those old sweaters into these cute gift sleeves!

Snowflake Thread Wrap from Oipaketti

Making this cute wrap will take…

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ZUSHIE: She’s Naked

Woops, I totally forgot about this. XD

So yeah, here’s an illustration, I worte about it earlier. I cencored it with my own beautiful face. 😀

I hope this is not too much nudity now, I just want show you some details by the coloring. I don’t like how her mouth turned out. A little bit like the lips of a lady frog, eh?


See?! See?! The same lips!

Oh, how much I love Mrs Toad from the Don Bluth movie „Thumbelina“. She’s gorgeous! X)


Whoa, I’m pretty much booked up till the next year. OoO

There are serveral requests I have to draw, prefered till christmas; I’m part of three Secret-Santa-Projects; the next artbattles are waiting and I finaly have the sketch for the „Spirit Dance“ done. Geeze.

My own projects must wait anyway. Writing is so difficult and the pills won’t help. ~___~

I thought I would be lazy until my little clinic adventure, but nope. Whatever. At least I’m doing something. ^^

This Week:

– Secret Santa Entries for: „Fighting Laziness“; „Holiday Art Swap“ and the „FutaFutaFuta Club“

– Prize for the contest „Things That Go Bump In The Night“

– X-Mas-Entry for the group „True German Art“

ToonsUp X-Mas-Artbattle: First Entry till 24. Nov

– 2x Reviews for animepro

WarMon: Last Round till 24. Nov

Last Week Resume:

– Entry-Scribble for the “Pin-Up Spirit Dance

– New Bookmark and X-mas pressents for everyone! ° ~ °

– Finishing the Zushie Halloween Comic

– Drawing more hands and feet. I really need the practise.    -____-

– Entry for the Schlogger-Comic-Collab: “Sleep” till 14. Nov – That will be fun.

– 1x re-made Page for BADASS till the weekend

– Finishing the script for Torch (kick out the unimportant scenes)