Let’s do that!

I found this interesting article about the so called „Blog Parade“ of a german forum for creative writing.

As I read the first three questions I got an idea. I’m one of this people who write at least one To-Do-List per day. °___°

This can of course cause a lot of chaos and I already found out, that the few really important things of the list are drowning under all the other stuff I want finish druing the week.

SO I will write as short as possible To-Dos on this blog, to help me to focus more on them and to kick me in my own butt. Here my first List:

– Printing a map for the next IO-Meeting

– Entry for the Uzumaki-Fan-Anthologie till Halloween

– Finishing the Zushie Halloween Comic till, well, Halloween

– New Tee-Concept for the „Captain America Challenge“ till 11. Nov

– 1x re-made Page for BADASS till the weekend

– Finishing the script for Torch (kick out the unimportant scenes)

– Entry for the „Halloween Monster Girls Mini Contest“ till 31. Oct

– Entry-Scribble for the „Pin-Up Spirit Dance

That was all for this week. ^^


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