Inspiration: Halloween Costumes

Gosh, I can’t say which is my favourite. They all are fabulous!

M&J Blog

Tis the season to use your abundance of creativity to create some epic costumes for Halloween! While there are the classics getups that will always have a presence every year, there are also some really interesting and innovative costumes. Here are a few of OUR favorites!

Pixel Girl Costume

Remember those terribly (unintentionally) grainy pictures from our flip phones? This pixel girl reminds us of a simpler time before DSLR cameras and smart phones. We may not be able to handle the pixelated look in the digital world, but the costume rocks!

Lego Figures Costumes

Take your average costume up a couple of notches by Lego-fying it. Let us introduce to you the Lego theorem:

Cop Costume + Legos = Lego Cop and Cop Costume < Lego Cop Costume. Always.

Beetlejuice Family Costume

Beetlejuice is an 80s Halloween classic! This family costume was perfectly creepy, and also totally adorable. Although I don’t remember Beetlejuice being so cute!

Where the Wild Things Are CostumeThis costume…

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