UZUMAKI – A tribute to Junji Itō.

His manga „Uzumaki“ (engl. Spiral) is true art and probably my favourite of his series. Such beautiful, hypnotising horror.

Follow the link and you will see the full picture, but beware the nudity! If the Link doesn’t work let me know. ^^



Let’s do that!

I found this interesting article about the so called „Blog Parade“ of a german forum for creative writing.

As I read the first three questions I got an idea. I’m one of this people who write at least one To-Do-List per day. °___°

This can of course cause a lot of chaos and I already found out, that the few really important things of the list are drowning under all the other stuff I want finish druing the week.

SO I will write as short as possible To-Dos on this blog, to help me to focus more on them and to kick me in my own butt. Here my first List:

– Printing a map for the next IO-Meeting

– Entry for the Uzumaki-Fan-Anthologie till Halloween

– Finishing the Zushie Halloween Comic till, well, Halloween

– New Tee-Concept for the „Captain America Challenge“ till 11. Nov

– 1x re-made Page for BADASS till the weekend

– Finishing the script for Torch (kick out the unimportant scenes)

– Entry for the „Halloween Monster Girls Mini Contest“ till 31. Oct

– Entry-Scribble for the „Pin-Up Spirit Dance

That was all for this week. ^^

War-Mons Tournament 2013 – Round 2

So this is my entry for the second round of the „War-Mons Tournament 2013“. Votes are very welcome. :D
It turned out better than expected, but in the final I was trying out a lot. I want it have a underwater-look so badly. >v<

I didn’t upload the first one because It was so rushed and looks so messy, bah!
But you still can see it on Toons-Up.


Autumn! NOW!

It’s time to bring this picture back. We finally have my favourite season, I wait for this the whole year. X)
I hope you all enjoy the chilly dark weather, the colorful rotting leaves and the laugher of spooky little creatures,  prepare themselves for the candy hunt.
Yep, best season of the year!