30 Day Monster Challenge

One drawing per day is too much. I have a life. But this shouldn’t take forever so I make it as quick as I can. ^^

This list is just a little reminder for me. Maybe something will change. Dunno.

For now I only can say: I think the zombie will be Zushie! But maybe not. XD

I searched lists other made for himself but for some reason no one had my favorite the manticore.

It’s such a creepy and awesome monster and it’s so easy to make it creepy cute! XD

1) Rotten Self Portrait
2) Harpy
3) Slime/ Goo Girl
4) Manticore
5) Succubus
6) Dullahan
7) Ghost
8) Cyclop
9) Satyr
10) Yōkai
11) Naga
12) Object Head
13) Qilin
14) Nue
15) Mermaid
16) Man-Eating Plant
17) Kappa
18) Centaur
19) Object Tan
20) Insect
22) Tentacle maid/boy
23) Spider
24) Demon
25) Werwolf
26) Robot
27) Alien
28) Zombie
29) Mummy
30) Zodiac west and east


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