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What! A! DAY! I was so tired that I post this now instead of yesterday.

I was with a friend and her buddies out to celebrate the Free Comic Book Day this year. Nice, really nice trip. The first both photo show the comics I got (left: english comics/ right: german comics). My nerd factor was huge cuz the others wasn’t aware HOW MUCH I LOVE COMICS! You can believe me, I only take comics I really want read. I’m not one of the cheap butts who grabs as much as possible cuz it’s for free. I already read most of them, and they all are fucking-tastic! One of my faves so far is for example “Marble Season” from Gilbert Hernandez. Actually there was a lot awesome works, so I was thinking about making reviews of the best, lol.

The third photo shows a issue of “U-Comix”. A legendary underground anthology, which was down for some years. I had the honor to colorate a short comic, but sadly they decided to put it in the next issue. It was probably too naughty to put in a comic for free by a event which includes a lot of underage customer, lol. So the short comic will appear some months later.
Can’t wait to see how my colors look printed!!!

And now the stuff I bought:

Next Photo shows the second book of “Art of modern Rock” in which you find a lot of awesome rock-posters from different artist. I already own the first issue.

At the end, we was pretty much done. Tired, thirsty, my bag was heeeeeavy! BUT we decided to try a last shop: Stripes and Stories. A sweet shop, in the Hoe-District of our lovely town (I’m not kidding). It was my first visit there and the shop was surprising small (I heard a lot about events which seems kind of impossible in such a tiny location). THIS SHOP WAS FANTASTIC. Lots of the best indie comics you ever have seen. Theory books about feminism and more. And this:

Fifth photo: One of my most favourite comic artist is Ross Campbell! I bought this by a female sweetheart which has a stump arm. And if you don’t know why this is so awesome, I know that you don’t know his comics, lol.

Last but not least a pic of a indie comic anthology, Baltic Comic Magazine. Theme: Future 2.0. Stunning works. Stunning artist. Including Jane Mai. :3

Jep, jep, good day, good day. :3

(12, May, 2013)


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